Once Upon A Time In Abuja – Nollywood Movie

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Lydia, a 45-year-old divorced mother of teenage twins, is a successful real estate broker. Being in a marriage with Chijindu for almost 15 years, Lydia’s love life has been tied down to only one significant relationship with nothing to compare it to. Her sex life has gone stale, regimented, and unremarkable—and her husband is a pushover. After a one-night affair, she cannot help but fantasize about the passionate sex she had. Unsatisfied with her marital bed, and unable to communicate her dissatisfaction, she asks for a divorce. Months later, Lydia is still close with her mother in-law, they can talk about almost anything— including her detachment from men since the divorce. Enter Khalid, a 56-year-old married business tycoon with three adult children. He lost his first wife and the love of his life years ago, but recently married a 30-year-old woman, crazy as they come, who is giving him a run for his peace. He meets Lydia at a home tour. He makes a play for her but she rebuffs him. After a couple of months dating, there’s a crack in their relationship.



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